Hey all

Have got a ZCM10.0.3.2 server, and i've got a working image process OK, which includes 4 .zmg files (am using ENGL).

I've created a image bundle, associated it to my workstation, and when the workstation PXE boots, it detects it has work todo. The image bundle consists of the 4 ZMG files, and it pulls them down no problems.

But i want it to auto-restart after it's pulled them down. So i created a 5th part to the bundle, which runs a basic script, which simply runs "reboot -f" But all the workstation does at this point is say:-

Advanced Script work to do (/bin/zenAdvancedScript)

And theres an OK box to click, but nothing happens.

I also tried using ENGL's own scripted image process, and created a scripted image bundle, with the following code in it:-

# ENGL Zim 5.0
# This file will run in the ZENworks imaging kernel space
export ZIMDIR=/zimbin
cat <<_END_ > $ZIMDIR/zimauto.cfg

; *********** Start Zim Script ***********


; Read driver image details from lookup file

DMI:Get,"System Information","Manufacturer", dmi_system_vendor
DMI:Get,"System Information","Product Name", dmi_system_product

File:Ini,Get,"/zimbin/images.ini","%dmi_system_vendor%","%dmi_system_pro duct%",hardware_info

Set:hardware_image,token("%hardware_info%", ",", 1)
Set:hardware_type,token("%hardware_info%", ",", 2)

; Restore images

Dialog:Popup,"Restoring %dmi_system_product% image, please wait...",green
File:Run,"img -r -p %IMAGES_PATH%/%OS%-postsp",verbose
File:Run,"img -r -p %IMAGES_PATH%/%hardware_image%",verbose
File:Run,"img -r -p %IMAGES_PATH%/novcomp.zmg",verbose
File:Run,"img -r -p %IMAGES_PATH%/ztoolkit.zmg",verbose

; Reboot

Dialog:Popup,"Restarting, please wait..."
File:Run,"reboot -f",silent

; *********** End Zim Script ***********

# Run Zim
./zim -s:$ZIMDIR/zimauto.cfg

That script is from :- Automating Image Restoration - ZENworks Configuration Management

But when the workstation detects it has work todo, nothing happens apart from simply popping up the "Advanced Script work to do" message. Errr, yeah thanks for telling me you have work todo, but could you please do it for me!!! :)

I think i'm just missing something here, but all i want todo is run a script to reboot the workstation after imaging etc.

Thanks guys