I have one NW65-SP7-server with one tree on it.
I migrated the eDirectory from NW6.5-SP7 to OES2 Linux by
moving all NW6.5-SP7 objects (like users, groups,
policies..) to the new OES2 Linux server via replicas.
Then I declared the OES2 Linux server as the new master and turned
off the old NW6.5-SP7-server.
After this I removed the old NW65-server from the replica ring.

After these actions I checked the following:
- C1: OK without errors
- iManager: OK without errors
- NRM: OK without errors
- ndsrepair -U: OK without errors
- in explorer (W2K or WXP): mapping a drive of the OES2 server:
OK without errors
- login (W2K or WXP): ERROR
I can't login at a PC via Novell Client. If I want to see all
the trees in the subnet, the Novell Client can't find any trees.
The tree window is empty.
The only way to a correct login is: alter the tree input box from
"TREE_A" to "" - then click at the context button to
switch to the correct user context. After these changes I can
login a the OES2 Linux server via Novell client.

The Novell client can't find trees by names only by IP addresses.

If I start the old NW65-SP-server again, the Novell client finds
again the correct tree.

What can I do, that the Novell client (4.91 SP4 on W2K or WXP)
finds the tree by name?

Thanks & best regards,