We are running ZCM on a Windows 2003 server. I'm looking at the preboot config files and noticed that the tftp config file says...

#The TFTPDirectory is the directory where the TFTP server can store
#and retrieve files. All paths submitted to the TFTP server by
#clients will be assumed to be relative to this directory.
#Because TFTP has no security, it is suggested that you not place
#files with sensitive information in this directory, and that you
#place a space quota on it.
#The TFTP server will not load if this directory does not exist
#Linux -- TFTPDirectory = /srv/tftp

Do I need to specify the location of the default tftp directory that preboot services will use? I notice that there is a Linux entry listed above, but there is no entry for a Windows server. If I need this, what is the correct entry for a Windows server?

Phil Arnold