Hi Guys,

I have noticed something, and it has slowly got worse. I run Novel NDS (6.5,
SP7) alongside Windows Active Directory on the network (gigabit). If a
workstation has the Novel 32 bit client installed (latest version), browsing
the network becomes really slow, even if browsing to Windows server shares
etc. The whole PC becomes sluggish and openeing a worksheet accross the
network seems to take five times longer than a PC without the client
installed. At the moment the Netware servers are running IPX as well as IP,
but if I install the client using just IP for connection it makes no

I just carried out a small experiment and uninstalled the Novell client and
installed the Microsoft client for Netware that is included in XP, and it
seems to be a lot better.

Any thoughts?

PS Sorry if this is the wrong section for this post, but I have an issue
subscribing to further forums and only have five set up and this was the
most applicable.