Hi all,

LINLD is a DOS linux loader. It is of the same ilk as loadlin (which could be used as part of Zenworks at one point in the past -- see Cool Solution ZENworks Imaging using a USB Pen Drive).

The issue I have is simple - the Installation System is not starting. The linux disk goes into LinuxRC instead of to the console to start imaging.

I was wondering if someone could try using LINLD (or even LOADLIN) to try getting the ZCM 10.0.3 ramdisk working...? I am having the same issue as my other post to which this post relates (RIS and PXE). I thought some people might be able to test/have experience of this scenario rather than the RIS server in my other post, hence why I created this post.

To replicate:
Download LINLD, and copy the TFTP folder complete with LINUX, INITRD, and ROOT (setings.txt is not needed for now). I created a CD boot disk based on Win98, but it could be used under many bootable scenarios.

Once at the DOS prompt, type:
linld image=linux initrd=initrd
(assuming all files are in the same directory).

Can anyone else say that it is loading to linuxrc instead of console?
Does anyone know why this may be happening?