I have created an print manager, but it fail to load(on cluster as well as
separately). His driver store (also new) works just fine.

oes2:/mnt/iprint/etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf # cat ipsmd.conf
DSServer3 oes2.int.mou.cz
PSMObjectDN CN=iprintPrintManager,O=MOU
PSMObjectPasswd swjrxnhulcisqsesiarbmppq
ll /var/opt/novell/iprint/iprintPrintManager.MOU.psm/
-rw-rw---- 1 iprint iprint 1225 2008-08-07 23:45 ndpsmmon.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 iprint iprint 14592 2008-08-07 23:45 psmdb.dat
-rw-rw---- 1 iprint iprint 412 2008-08-07 23:45 PSMLOAD.DAT

Aug 7 23:44:58 oes2 idsd[13070]: idsd operational - listening for
Aug 7 23:44:58 oes2 ipsmd[13072]: iPrint Manager 'iprintPrintManager.MOU'
has started loading.
Aug 7 23:44:58 oes2 ipsmd[13082]: Error (506D0207) occurred while
rebuilding the iPrint Manager database.
Aug 7 23:44:59 oes2 ipsmd[13082]: The iPrint Manager has unloaded
Aug 7 23:44:59 oes2 ipsmd[13081]: The iPrint Manager has just experienced a
segfault or fatal error. It will be restarted by its monitor process. (5
Aug 7 23:45:04 oes2 ipsmd[13081]: The iPrint Manager has segfaulted or had
a fatal error and has been auto-restarted 5 times within the last hour.
There appears to be a repetitive problem occurring. The iPrint Manager is
Aug 7 23:45:04 oes2 kernel: ipsmd[13081]: segfault at 0000000000000008 rip
00002b854494a354 rsp 00007fff6649cc90 error 4

I'd really appreciate your help, thanks in advance
Jakub Talaš