I have some problem to install NOWSSBE

The installation start from the DVD but later in the installation process the connection to the DVD disappear
and the hard disk also. That part I have fixed by adding insmod=ide-generic pci=nomsi to the command line in the installation window. The original network card can't be find so I install a 3COM (3C905CX) and that card is detected in the installation and I can fill in the IP address etc. But when the server starts up the windows say that I should use

Can I login as root (what is the default password) or do any thing to enter the server an correct the network?
Or is in some other solution i have to do.

My moter board is ASUS M3N-HT Delux/HDMI with 4G RAM
The hard disk is SATA and the DVD is on IDE.

Thanks for any help