Good Morning,

I am just beginning to plan moving our GroupWise Server over to a OES Linux Server. I have installed OES SLES 10.1 a few time for practice, however I am still a bit confused about the general linux partition sizes during the setup.

The new linux box will be running all of GroupWise, including the Web Access and Messenger, as well as GWAVA for my Spam protection.

With my present GroupWise installation on a NetWare server, I have a VOL0 that I use for the Software Distribution of GroupWise, and a VOL1 where the Domain and Post Office are located. I understand that I will be creating NSS volumes for those two locations.

I am mainly concerned with the sizes of the linux partitions, such as /opt (which is where GWAVA recomends its placement) /var, etc ...

Which should be individual partitions (and size) or which should stay a portion of the / partition.

I would like to use one half of my mirrored OS drives ( 72GB Drives, so 36 GB) for the OS and EVMS, the balance of that mirror to be my NSS VOL0, while the NSS VOL1 with the GroupWise data will be on a seperate Raid 5 array.

Thank you for your recomendations,