In my organization there are Netware 6.5 SP 6 servers in different locations. Most of them in US. In my case, I manage the Costa Rican site.

The directory is partitioned. My server in Costa Rica has a RW replica on the Organization unit with all the objects related to Costa Rica. The master replica is in the main server in Dallas. Both sites are connected via VPN through Internet tunnel.

Normally everything works perfect, but a week ago we suffer Internet connection problems in CR. We did not have Internet access for 2 days.

During that time, our Costa Rican users could not login into the network. It was impossible to authenticate into the network. I though we could authenticate with the RW replica but it was impossible.

The server system log file recorded messages like:
  • Server SERVER is unable to obtain a server base license unit. Connection to this server is NOT allowed. Ensure that licensing units are available and verify NLS operation. Error # C0001002.
  • Connection 164 is using a 'grace' connection to Server SERVER because no licenses were installed or available. Install a Connection License (user.Users.CR.CARRINGTON.CARN.)

It took like 4 minutos to an user to login, and once there, the login script did not map any network drive to the local server. Users could access server by exploring My Network Sites in Windows Explorer but they could not write or modified files because the system said the file only had Read only access.

Once the Internet connection was back, everything started to work normally.

What I think is that users are authenticating with the Main replica, and RW replica is not working as I wish. I think SLP can be involved too.

I also read Netware 6.5 Administrator's Handbook and now I think the master replica of the partition should be in my Costa Rica server, and the RW replica in Dallas Server. I found an option in DSREPAIR to conver a RW Replica in Master Replica, But I am not sure if that is going to solve my authentication
problems when Internet is down.

If anybody can give some cues I will really appreciate it.


There were SLP errors in the console too.