Coming from NetWare, life was "simple".

For our SAN we had a single 10 GB LUN that contained 1GB DOS and 9GB NSS
partitions (SYS volume)

All other volumes were on separate LUNS.

What was nice was that if I needed more SYS volume space, I could simply
expand the LUN (Xiotech Magnitude), and resize the NSS pool via NRM
while the system was online.

But for OES 2 it seems life is more complicated.

We want/need to use NSS, so that requires that we use EVMS
I also want/need to be able to resize root if necessary (I don't know if
this can be done "online" unless you use EVMS?)

From the sounds of it, it seems people are advising that given my setup
I'd have two LUNs

1 LUN for /boot (so it's going to be a very tiny one)
1 LUN for / (and all its sub-stuff like /var, /opt/, etc)

Let /boot be managed with the native partitioner (as opposed to LVM or

And what about / ? Let it be manged via EVMS? (again, I don't think
you can resize a partition online with the native YaST2 Partitioner
while the partition is mounted, so I'm assuming when you dismount root
bad things happen?)

OR do I also split out the /opt and /var to more LUNs as well?

In the past 9GB SYS was just fine for us (we clustered ZFD onto its own

ZCM server would be a diff. story since that would make me have one very
very large / partition.

But for "regular" services such as:

iPrint (we cluster iPrint so the database/drivers are not on SYS)
GroupWise (also cluster and put the code on a clustered volume)

Any ideas or suggestions?