So, we are looking heavily to reduce some of our servers and started exploring blade servers and virtualization. We already have a decent SAN that can host shared storage for the VMs through iSCSI or FC.

In a test environment I was able to load two laptops with a bare load of SLES10 for the host Dom0 and I connected them to an iSCSI target (on a separate server) for storage. Using OCFS2 I was able to make sure that both the laptops were able to access the filesystem (on the iSCSI target) at the same time without problems. From the OCFS2 filesystem I loaded the virtual disks as files for use with a new install of SLES10 which would be the true virtual server. I did not load OES services like eDir or NSS as I wanted a basic test first.

From this configuration Xen could live migrate the VM guest (SLES10 full) from one laptop to the other with little hassle. I did have some problems going back and forth (kernel panic) but it could deal with memory issues as this was a quick test with laptops and no hardware virt.

This environment is something I would like to pursue with the blade servers and the SAN since I could have fail over to the blades when I need to change hardware or whatever.

My biggest questions are, has anyone done something similar in a production environment? Has anyone taken it further and loaded OES with NSS partitions and the like? How would you handle NSS; would you create a virtual disk file hosted on the SAN or simply share out a LUN directly to the VMs? Would Novell support any configuration like this?

Just trying to get some insight, as this is really cool technology. Especially since VMWare ESX is so expensive to accomplish the same thing.