After the recent upgrade of the Windows version of to 10.1.0, all user-assigned group policies started failing. We started getting the following error : "There was an error while enforcing the policy "Group Policy XP". Please refer the managed device log for details."

I am using Active Direcotyr as my user source. All of my AD folders, users, and groups are contained within a folder I'll call AD Users. I have a General XP User GP assigned to the AD Users folder. My user account is a member of an AD Admin User Group. This group is contained in a subfolder of AD Users, and my Administrator XP GP is assigned to this group.

As an experiment, yesterday morning, I removed the General XP User GP assigned to the AD Users folder, but I left the Administrator XP GP assigned to the Admin User Group. After I logged in to a managed device, and refreshed the Z icon, the Administrator XP GP status changed from Failed to Successful. Next, I re-assigned the General XP User GP to the AD Users folder, and refreshed again. This time, the General User GP changed to Non-effective and the Administrator GP remained Successful. I thought I had somehow stumbled upon a "fix" for the error.

I tried the same procedure with another user account located in a different subfolder of the AD Users folder. I kept the General User GP assignment, but assigned another policy to the user account. This was a policy that had also started failing after the upgrade. This time, after refreshing the Z icon, the GP assigned to the user succeeded, while the General User GP showed as Non-effective.

However, this evening, I noticed the policies are, once again, showing as Failed, and are not applying anymore. I don't know what else to do. All I know is that this issue is becoming a show stopper. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? Or, am I the only one with this problem?