My company is moving from a editor system to another, and the new one uses
only Microsoft domain.
The old one uses novell netork drives.

So, users are using both systems, alternatelly.

They log on MS Domain and map some drivers. They check "workstation only" to
don't log on Novell Network.

When they whant to switch to the old system, they logoff or use Novell

When network drives are mapped with Novell Login Script, it subscribes the
maps of microsoft login script, but the title of the map continue the same,
it doesnt change to reflect the new path that was mapped.

I tried to use: MAP DEL L: on Novell login script, but this command don't
disconnect Microsoft maps.

I tried to use @NET USE L: /DELETE /YES, but it opens a dos prompt and when
the command finishes, it disconnect the correct network drive that was
mapped in novell login script, because novell login script didn't wait the
comand @net use l: /delete /yes to finish to continue to run.

Any Idea in how to solve that?

How it's temporary, just during the transiction from one system to another,
I was thinking to change the map commands in novell login script to
@mapdrivel.bat and in this bat, I use the disconect and then the net use

Thankyou in advance.