I am reading conflicting instructions where runniing the deployment manager prior to installing OES2 Linux is concerned. We already have OES1 Linux running.

In the OES2 Planning and Implementation Guide pg 37 figure 3-1 indicates running the DM prior to installing and OES2 Linux server.

From the Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux Installation Guide section 2.4.2, Installing into an Existing Novell eDirectory Tree, "if you are installing the first OES 2 Linux server into an existing eDirectory tree, you can install the server, then use the Novell Schema Tool in YaST to extend the schema for subsequent OES 2 services that you want to deploy in the tree."

According to Preparing to Install OES 2 NetWare in the OES 2: NetWare Installation Guide For OES NetWare and NetWare 6.5 Servers, if you already have an OES NetWare or NetWare 6.5 server in your tree, you do not need to run Deployment Manager.

Do I need to run the Deployment Manager or not?