I'm running iFolder 2.1.8 on NetWare 6.5SP6. The other day I added a
good-sized chunk of data (about 650MB) to my iFolder at home (running on
Windows XP SP2), but when I reached the office it had not appeared. I
clicked "Sync" -- nothing.

When I got home from work I looked at my PC. It was still running, and
iFolder said it was in sync. I clicked "Sync" a few more times and it
responded "Synchronization complete" each time. As I poked at it,
suddenly it woke up and realized there was work to be done, and
commenced uploading the new data to the server. This was almost exactly
twelve hours after I placed the data in the iFolder.

My 'Synchronize to server delay' is set to 60 seconds, and my
'synchronize from server interval' is 200 seconds.

What could have caused this delayed action? Any ideas?