We run both Microsoft and Novell networks simultaneously, with Netware 6.5 sp7 handling all of the file and print services. However, we do have some workstations that do not use the Netware Client, and to map drives when users login, I have a simple MS script in their AD profile to Map to the Netware drives they need using CIFS. This was never a problem until recently, as the AD script seemed to be ignored if the Netware client was loaded on the workstation. Not sure when things changed, but now I'm getting multiple mappings to the same location, but with different drive letters (the drive letters are designated the same in both the Netware login script and MS script). If I remove the MS script from the AD profile and log back in, the duplicate mappings are not present. It's more annoying than a problem, but does anyone know of a way I could test for the Netware Client in the MS login script and have the script not do any mappings if the Netware Client is present?