I need an advise about mandatory profile with eDir and NO MS AD.
This is test stage anyway but this is one of the users' requirements, so I have to implement this.

I am looking for the way to set Mandatory Profile in eDirectory environment with ZCM10SP1 but NO MS AD.

What I'd like to do is that set mandatory profile on certain user groups and whatever users change, such as the location of ICONS on the desktop, it backs to default mandatory profile when users re-logon to XP again.

All XPsp2 clients are workgroup with Novell Client 4.9.1SP4 and NO AD.
ZCM10SP1 is on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 32bit and eDirectory is NetWare6.5SP7.

Does ZCM10SP1 can help this by using policy or any alternative ways?