I am trying to workaround an inconsistency in behaviour.

When a user has no existing iFolders on the server and they install the client, the type in the path for the default iFolder. e.g. c:\documents and settings\username\My Documents. This makes their My Documents directory the iFolder. Good.

Then the user (who now has a ifolder called My Documents on the server) goes to a second machine and the client runs the setup again. When they are prompted to put in the path for the default folder they put the same path as the first machine.

Unfortunately, the second time around iFolder creates the iFolder *under* the path they typed in, instead of it *being* that path.

So they end up with the iFolder being c:\documents and settings\username\My Documents\My Documents - the second My Documents being the actual iFolder.

This makes it VERY difficult to either script or document a setup procedure.....

Anyone know how I can either:

a. Copy the existing configuration from the first machine (so the wizard doesn't have to run) or

b. Somehow detect the user already has a My Document ifolder so I can put just the c:\documents and settings\username path in - assuming it will not get upset by their already being a (non-i) folder by that name.