One thing I have to check/ask is:
When using eDirectory and LDAP - what modules need to be installed?
If I now look in YAST/OES install and config
I don't see Directory server checked and if I look at details
there are 3 modules/packages nss_ldap+openldap2+pam_ldap and none of
them are installed.

The reason for asking is that I noticed that my PAM.conf file is
missing and I have an ongoing problem with refreshing info from eDir to
Every now and then my server doesn't restart properly and all services
are dead. This is because of admin missing from LUM and after a
cache_refresh I can restart the server properly again.

Could someone look in their functioning server setup if this is as it
should be or....



Southern Finland
Linux Newbe - very new !
SLES10sp1 + OES2 + GW 7.x