I'm getting no were trying to import a GoDaddy wildcard certificate into NW6.5 sp7.

we used our windows 2003 server to generate the request for the certificate.
we received the certificate back and have the running fine on multiple Windows servers.

now we want to install it on your Novell NW6.5 sp7 servers so we can use it for such things as GW7 WebAccess.

I haven't found any REAL directions to import it into NW that don't include generating the CSR from netware (we had to have it for the windows server and now it would be nice to use it with webaccess)

I can't get it imported without errors.
I've done the import of both cert from godaddy (our wildcard cert & the godaddy cert) into windows and then exported them back out together as the P7B file.
when I try importing into iManager, I never imports and when I try on C1, I get error messages.

has anyone written any REAL directions on importing a wildcard certificate that didn't start (CSR) from NW.