NW65SP7, Client 4.9.1

We run an application (app.exe) from a folder on the server. It starts
fine, dlls and various supporting files show up in Monitor as open.

When the app closes, all the files except app.exe are removed from the
monitor list. App.exe cannot be overwritten - which is something of a
pain because it is a test application and we need to overwrite it fairly

The only way to clear the locking is to log the user out at the w/s or
"clear connection" in monitor - which has interesting side-effects but
does allow the file to be overwritten.

I've played around with File caching settings and op-locks to no avail.

Oh - another interesting thing: I load one instance of app.exe, but
after closing, two instances show in monitor. CLNTRUST.EXE also does
something like this - it executes once on log in, but there are always 3
instances of CLNTRUST.EXE showing in monitor.

Any suggestions, anyone?

-- Ken