I have been having an issue when I am creating Windows Local Policy.

* ZCM10SP1 on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 32bit.
* Creating Policy on Windows XP by using IE7 - Deciated to create policy
* eDirectory on NetWare6.5 SP7

I am creating complicated User policy by using Windows Local Policy.
I can create simple Windows Local Policy without any problems because it takes less than few minutes.

However, complicated policy creation takes more than 15min and once its done and uploaded, the policy will be empty. I mean all configured policy will be "not configured" only even though I enabled and disabled hundreds of it.

It seems it gets time out during Group Policy creation and once its done ZCC kicks out the config even though its was uploaded.

Are there any solution about this?
Because I have to configured a lot of complicated user policy by using Windows Local Policy on ZCC.