OES2 Linux fully patched, two node cluster,
iprint-server-6.0.20080613-1_dbg version

After restarting both nodes because of other cluster related issues, we
discovered that iPrint printers were not available. ipsmd status was
running, but in iManager the Print Manager status was "down".
As it turned out, the Print Manager sucessfully started after 2 (TWO!)
In Advanced information / Latest NDS events is logged:

09/16/2008 12:37:19 AM, Operation login used 7222 seconds, replica on
172.x.x.x, Object Name: printmanager.ou.o, Attribute Name: N/A

eDirectory is healthy and running on 172.x.x.x .
All printers (53 of them) are LPR and idle except two of them are "Not

What could be the reason for this loooong delay ?