My enviroment is:

Cluster of Ms W2000 SP4 with Printer service clustered

Cluster OES2 Linux with iPrint service clustered with Novell Cluster Services

I need a tool or utility that help me to migrate all the printers from the W2000 SP4 Cluster to iPrint Cluster of OES2 Linux

I have tested iPrint Migration Utility for Windows Printing, but I think doesn't support cluster, because when I launch the utility it doesn't detect any printer on W2000 cluster. If I execute the utility on a stand alone server it can read all the printers.

Another problem with this utility is when I execute it I have sintaxis error, objPrinter.Comment object not accept this method or property.

If the utility is executed on a Windows 2003 server no sintaxis error occurs. It could be the windows scripting version.

Anybody know any tool that can help me ??

I have to migrate around 400 printers.

Thank you