I am having some really weird problems with iPrint under OES2/SLES. The client machine (Windows XP SP3) has been updated to iPrint v04.36.00. The problem I am having is that when certain things are being printed to a HP LaserJet 4240n (this was the first printer I saw the problem with, but it is happening with more than just this model) using a PCL6 driver, it's giving me the following PCL XL error:

PCL XL error
Subsystem: USERSTREAM Error: MissingData Operator: ReadImage Position: 1497
Everything but the position is always the same. The number of the position does vary sometimes.

Okay, simple solution, change the driver. Well, I changed the driver to PCL5 and instead of getting the PCL XL error, it prints about half the page and then spews garbage ("Wingdings") on two more pages. Okay, it doesn't like PCL, let's try PostScript drivers. Hmm... the page says it is printing and the printer says "Receiving data...", but nothing comes out of the printer... interesting.

It doesn't work with any of the default drivers for the printer so I figure let's give HP's Universal Drivers a go. I get the exact same behavior. I have a light bulb moment and try to setup the workstation to print directly via an IP port to the printer. Oh, it works! As a last resort, I tried setting up the printer through iPrint on a Netware 6.5 SP6 using a slightly older version of iPrint. Oh, that works too! I do a side by side comparison of the driver settings between the two iPrint printers and I do not see one thing different in the settings. The only thing different is what is sitting between the workstation and the printer (Netware 6.5 SP6 w/ iPrint v. SLES10 SP1/OES2 w/ iPrint).

Oh, the wonderful thing about this is that it doesn't happen with everything. Those wonderful Windows printer test pages work regardless of what driver I pick. However, there are a couple of apps (one being our student information system, STI, and another being our keyboarding program, MicroType) that I know that this happens with. I know, though, that the problem is not with the apps because they will print fine directly to the printer.

In summary, the problem only happens with certain apps using an iPrint printer configured through OES2/SLES regardless of the driver used. Test pages work regardless of how the printer is setup and all apps work printing directly to the printer or using a NDPS printer in iPrint on Netware 6.5 SP6 regardless of the driver. This seems to single out some type of parsing error in iPrint on OES2/SLES. I do have .prn file capture of one of the print jobs that was causing the problem. I don't think something is getting corrupt at the transport layer because I can reproduce it under specific circumstances and have it NOT happen under specific circumstances.

Any ideas or anyone willing to help troubleshoot?