i have been trying lately to package a very old application that we have, Poetica v1.5. The problem is that this application use InstallShield v3.0.111.0 to install itself. Here are the steps that i use right now:

1- Copy the files to a temp folder. Ex.: C:\Temp\Poetica
2- Launch a Windows application.
%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Temp\Poetica\setup.exe -s -f1 setup.iss
3- Since i can't just move file/folder it seems, then i do a copy of the differents shotcuts to where a want them.
4- Finally, it's time for a clean up of the temporary files and folders.

The problem is that even if the application itself has finish installing, a process of InstallShield 3 is still keeping a lock on my %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Temp\Poetica folder ! So i get an error with my bundle installation each time. So is there a way to circumvent this problem?

Any help will be very appreciated!