We are in our discussions about what policies to implement as we are
moving towards ZCM. Below are a few questions that members have asked
me and I don't know the answers. If anyone has an answer to any of
these items, I would appreciate it.

Roaming Profiles -

1) What happens if changes are made to the profile (i.e. adding icons
to the desktop) and the computer freezes before the profile is copied
back up to the network? Basically, will the profile from the network
override the local copy?

Browser Bookmarks -

1) If we push out a set of Favorites to users, what happens if they
delete one of those that we push? Will it get recreated on the next
policy enforcement?

2) Can we restrict the ability of users to put custom Favorites in the
folders that we put our "corporate" standard ones in?

3) If we put a Favorite in for a limited time (such as during our
United Way campaign), how easy is it to have that removed from the
user's PC?

Thanks in advance!!