Having setup several dozen Novell Small Business Server 6.5 and over a
hundred Microsoft SBS2003....
That's not to impress anyone - just letting you know I'm not a 16 year old
straight out of school

Nerver had any great issues with setting up a system for clients and I'm a
firm beliver that ALL software should be
be SIMPLE to use... requiring little or NO MANUALS

I'm are not doing anything that would be considered rocket science *** Just
simply File Sharing, eMail and Backup

NOWS-SBE - well that's a different having installed it about the only two
things I can get working
are (1) Groupwise (although I can't see why I have to create a GW user AFTER
creating a eDir user)
and (2) iFolder - this just works so amazed I have to create a GW user
manually !!!

Backup - I want to use Tape.... so sodding GUI unless I missed something
this is aimed at Small Business users
SAMBA File Sharing dosen't work

what the f^%k!

Password policies / universal passwords / linux user / edir *** what f&%king

I know I can read / go on a training course - Come on Novell where are the
wizards ??