Hi, folks:
I have a bit of a dilemma.
I want to start supporting iFolder on MAC, Linux, Vista, and XP. I
have a small userbase and currently, a single Netware OES2 server. I
have a second server and licensing to run OES2 also on Linux.

On the public side of my network, I have a single IP address
connecting back into my network. From there, I have multiple internal
non-routable IP's, a typical NAT setup which allows access to the

I have currently set up port 80, 443 to direct to my Netware machine.
This is currently providing web services for Groupwise, iFolder 2.1
and Netstorage.

I would like to install OES2 Linux on a second server machine, and
either run IFolder on both, or am prepared to move iFolder services
over to the Linux box. The questions are as follows:
a.) Can I maintain a single IP address to do this?
b.) Do I have to set up non-standard ports, then direct them over to
the second macine?
c.) Is there any way to set up apache on Netware to recognize the
iFolder portion, connect to the iFolder server on Linux to give me
access to those portions, yet leave the other services on Netware?

In my limited web experience, I think something like this is possible,
but really lack the indepth knowledge to know if I'm dreaming, or it
truly can work.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks,