Does anyone have experience migrating a single user from GroupWise 7 to Exchange 2003? We have a business unit that we acquired several years ago and no decision has been made to this point about merging the two e-mail systems (we are GroupWise 7 and they are Exchange 2003). I have just been asked about moving one of our employees to their business unit and want to know my options.

My gut says that we should keep him on GroupWise because that is what he knows and loves, then we can use this as a first crack in getting GroupWise over there.

I have found a few Microsoft articles that reference setting up the API gateway and migrating data through there, but everything mentioned is either GroupWise 5.5 or 6.x. Also, based on our past experiences with the API gateway we would like to avoid that if possible.

We have an implementation of the Novell GroupWise Gateway for Microsoft Exchange, but that presumably does not help us in this situation.

Are there any utilities out there? Anything that could take a GroupWise Native Archive and convert it to the Outlook equivalent? Even if it was like an archive that he had to manually open from time to time, I'm betting that would be good enough.