I am writing a vbscript to connect each of my NDPS printers to a generic printer driver in Windows, print a simple text message to the printer requesting that users reply with the printer's location, and then move on to the next NDPS printer. The vbscript has an AddPrinterConnection function to do this, but I can't figure out the UNC path syntax to represent the NDPS printer to the function. I used a companion function to enumerate the printers and that would return the NDPS connected printer as \\Tree\printer.context.context but using that same syntax as the input to connect to a printer results on an error that "WSHNetwork.AddPrinterConnection: No network provider accepted the given network path."

Could someone tell me the correct UNC syntax? We do not emulate bindery queues; so I can't use Capture so far as I can tell, with the XP v4.91 Sp4 clients.