Hi there,

I have a HPdc7800p pc on which I am trying to install NOWS-SBE2.

On my first installation attempt, the Linux operating system did not recognize my on-board network card. During installation, I have the option to choose from a list of drivers for a network card that was not recognized by the system automatically. In that list, the on-board card of my HP pc was not listed. I then saw that a Realtek card was listed which I fortunately had as a spare. I went and installed the Realtek card and during a second installation attempt the network connection was established, however now the Linux operating system added another network card/adapter automatically (Acer network card). I tried to delete the automatically added card, but then the network connection is lost although the Realtek card is installed, connected by cable and configured. What on earth is going on here? How can I get a network connection with my on-board card?

With the odd network card configuration via the Realtek card as described above I managed to connect to the internet via ADSL and managed to get to the server prompt where an IP-address is given to me for further installation on the web. However I do not manage to get a correct IP address that is working. Please help me here!! I am lost and not a Linux expert.

Additional Information:
PC: HP dc7800p
Network: Static IP, No DHCP, ADSL via PPPoe, ADSL is a dialup line with username and password

What is the installation procedure when there is no DHCP server? What are the DNS server setting?

Any help here is greatly appreciated!!