well, scenario is;

done a temp/lab/test install of OES/2 in a seperate lab-tree,
so far so good (well,,ok anyway..)

But,, now I'd like to ADD another ldap-source for my users
and,,,simply can't find anything related in the ifolder webadminpage ?

I mean,, that worked all the way back in 2.x ?

Looked in the docs when searching support.novell.com, and came up with
info related to ifolder 3 were it states; start yast/networks
service/ifolder 3 to reconfigure...

That won't work in 3.6,, no such choice..

Now,, looking in these forums, it comes down to editing the
simiias.conf ( or whatever the spelling is) and put in another ldap
source instead....,,, rebooted and,, nope,, nothing, now I can't login
at all. The ldap info IS correct since I can from the OES/2 tools/LDAP
browser connect to the exact same address with the same user...

Is iFolder 3.6 only manageble during the install ??

Or do Novell take for granted that everthing post-install has to be
made by manually going through and editing files all over ??