We have 3 locations, each with an iPrint printer (1 nw65sp7, 2 oes
linux sp2). At one location, form design in MS Access 2007 is
painfully slow. Other locations are fine. We did a trace of a
local-only admin user, running Access locally, with the data file
local. There was no network traffic until Access entered Form Design.
Then on the trace we found lots of network traffic as Access tried to
find out about the network printer. It clearly needs to design in the
context of a printer's capabilities. We remove the printers or put on
a PDF Writer printer and make it the default and this traffic stops.

What was interesting in the trace was a whole bunch of SLP traffic to
addresses that aren't ours. The destination address for all these
packets is One of the following lines appeared in each bad
request packet (which obviously never gets a response):

Predicate: ndap.novell//(|(svchame-ws==IPP:.)(svcname-ws==*.IPP:.))/
Predicate: bindery.novell//(svcname-ws==IPP:)/

The packets that get a proper response do not have ndap.novell// or

These look like sample lines from some config, but how and why is a
mystery. Ideas abut how to solve this?