Last week we moved our ndpsm and broker from nw6sp5 server to a nw65sp7
using TID 3628527 and everything worked like a charm. After the move we have
been getting some error messages on the server console:

2008-10-11 19.01.26 : NDPSM-3.2-684
Error (162) occured while accesing the NDPS Manager database

2008-10-11 19.01.26 : NDPSGW-4.0-0
NDPSJPMComm failed on printer agent : 'KV-HP2015N_Ord'
Opcode: JPM_OP_SET_ATTRIBUTE_SET (1397769294)

And today this:

2008-10-15 1.00.00 : NDPSM-3.2-358
Error (-1) occured while saving a backup of the NDPS Manager database files

Does anyone have experience of this and might know what is causing it and
how to solve it ? Or is it just cosmetic ?