Hello to everyone,

We are evaluating netware 6.5 as potential upgrade option from netware 4.11

We have configured a test printer which is shared through windows xp via LPR and loaded the corresponding nlm's on the server. The printer works fine, it prints.

When printing from windows xp using novell client (no ndps install) and iprint client (latest), there is a tray notification saying "Document printed succesfully". It says this everytime, even if there is no paper in the printer. After a while, the printer driver comes up and informs that there is no paper.

We are obvisously doing something wrong. We are expecting notification from the server saying "out of paper" and not "document printed succesfully".

If the printer is switched off when submitting the job, it still says "Document succesfully printed" !! and when you switch the printer on, the job gets printed.

There is obviously no feedback from the printer towards the server as to its "state"

Does anybody know how to troubleshoot this?

Thank you

ps. broker,manager and printer are all "green" in the imanager