I have a NetWare 5.1 server with conventional volumes. Recently I had abends and scheduled a downtime. During the downtime I ran vrepair on vol1. It found more than 800,000 errors. I ran it a second time and it found nothing. When the server came back up and the users logged back in, several (about 10) reported problems with Outlook opening their .pst file on the server. I was able to restore from the previous night's backup, and we got them running. Then a couple users reported spreadsheets that would not open. I restored those from tape too. I noticed a couple of reports on the server's console that a file was corrupt and could not be opened. Again I tracked those down on tape. Now folks are noticing things missing from their .pst files.

I'm thinking that I should find a different version of vrepair and see if it can clear things up. Is there a newer one for NetWare 5.1, sp8, the 4.35 one?

I only saw errors on the server's console for a couple of these problematic files. Is there a log that I can check for the health of the volumes?