I want to Inventory our Servers (100+). We have ZCM10 with the Asset Mgmt module added. We have 1 Zone, but we have a Satellite office that has it's own servers that they will Inventory. Of course we also have workstations that will be fully managed at each site as well.

I put the Inventory only client on a Windows server and it shows up under Devices/Servers on the Inventoried tab. Looks good.

Now I want to configure the Inventory policies - in particular when my servers at my location get scanned and what the Data Collection Form looks like. I can set this at the top Zone level under Configuration, Inventory but that will affect all Servers, Workstations, etc. I can set it at the Devices, Managed, Servers level but these are Inventoried Only not Managed. There is no Settings - Inventory tab for Inventoried Only.

How can I separate Inventoried Only Servers out and apply Inventory policies only to those.