This is going to sound a bit wacky, but I'm starting to get used to sounding wacky and I'm going to work towards clarifying it more so.

NOTE: This is using eDirectory. ZCM is 10.1.1 on all boxes.

A Novell password expired for one of our new testers and he reported getting the ZCM login prompt after rebooting. I went to inspect and had him put his current password, that failed and we were given a message box with a number of options, one stated to keep trying to log in until the passwords synced. Using the old password we were able to get in fine.

I rebooted his box to try again and had the same result.

While logged in completely I logged him out of ZCM then had him try his new password and it worked fine. Rebooted and tried again, this time everything worked like normal; a single sign-on all the way to the desktop.

I went back to my desk and forced a password change on all my IDs and after 2 hours of setting them up correctly I was finally able to replicate the condition on my laptop. The next reboot after changing the password ZCM would prompt you to login and would only take the old password. Also, after logging out of ZCM and logging back in the password will sync back up correctly.

To further confirm this I setup two of the new testers' passwords to expire the next day and with me standing behind them watching over the process they had the same issue with the same resolution. Not only that, but later that day the original tester reported an issue with unlocking his workstation, stating it was taking his old password. I visited the other two and confirmed they also had the incorrect password being accepted for the workstation.

Oddly, after logging in through eDirectory at the unlock prompt the passwords were synced. I didn't have this particular setting on my personal test boxes, so I never had that issue.

This last part needs retesting on my behalf because this was early last week and I haven't tested it since.