Have an existing iFolder user whose iFolder (about 1Gb) I need to move
to a separate iFolder server.

Existing user is on iFolder Server A (v3.2 and Directory Tree "A")
Need to move him to iFolder Server B (v3.6 and Directory Tree "B")

I have seen TIDS on moving a whole IFolder installation to a new server
but nothing about individual folders.

1. Is there a process of importing the users existing iFolder into the
new v3.6 server?
2. Can a v3.2 client access a v3.6 server?

I am thinking that the best process is to convert the existing iFolder
to a normal folder, remove the v3.2 client, install the v3.6 client and
then sync the users folder upto the new v3.6 server.

Thanks in advance