Hi all: Forgive this posts length as I need to setup a few
things. We run NW 6.5sp7 servers utilizing NDPS. Our
clients run either W2K or XP (mostly), all with latest
service packs / updates. NWClient versions are either 4.91
sp4 or sp5 and iprint clients 4.36 or 4.38.

We have always been battling against print spooler crashes
on the workstations which seem to be due to HP printer
drivers (which HP has yet to fix according to various TIDs).
To get around this we are beginning to move from
traditional NDPS printers to iprint-based printers. Both
types get pushed down to client workstations.

I have been testing the migration to ipp printers with a few
users (we are too small to have a lab) and have seen mixed
results. One of the issues is with users failing to
authenticate to iprint on login. This is COMPLETELY RANDOM
across users whom in every respect are identical (zen
policies, privileges, etc). When authentication fails
stopping and restarting the print spooler on the local
machine seems to fix this issue.

The other issue has to do with Peachtree 2008. When
printing to an ipp printer we receive a MS Visual C++
runtime error - "R6025 -pure virtual function call".
I reinstalled a standard ndps printer and the error went

Can someone explain what is going on here? I am starting to
get irritated at all these printing problems. Thanks,