I've gotten ZCM server and my test workstatup both installed apparently ok. At this point the workstation registers, unregisters, clears cache, does a passive login, shows status, refreshs, and gets policies with no problem.

However, I am completely stuck in doing anything to manage the workstation from ZCC, For any refresh, remote control, remote diagnostics, or any other QT, no matter what I try, i get a failed to connect to workstation. I'm pulling out my hair by now.

I've run without firewalls (briefly) on both the server and managed device. I've rebooted the device and restarted the Zen services on Linux many times.

I've opened the firewalls on both the server and the devices for 7628, 443, 80, 5950, 5550 to no avail.

The only messages the keep recurring in the device zmd-messages.log that seem wrong are
[WebServerMonitor] [Checking if Web server is responding]
[WebServer] [Received a request]
[WebServerMonitor] [Server protocol violation connecting to http://<deviceip>:7628/RURunning/]

and nothing I can make out in ZCC.log.

Have I overlooked something obvious about managing WinXP devices via ZCM on Linux?



ZCM 10.1.1 on Linux SLES 10.2, managed workstation on Win XP SP3.