The 8217 build was released as a security fix.

I have discovered two issues, one annoying, one fatal. Novell Support will get these but I figured forewarned is forearmed...

1. Upgrading an existing Win32 client will complete successfully but then (after the obligatory reboot) when you start iFolder it fails with exception errors. Uninstalling the iFolder client and installing fixes that - so don't do an in-place upgrade ! Fun for existing deployments !

2. When a user gets the setup wizard, it no longer detects an existing Default Ifolder on the server. Even when you have an existing Default iFolder on the server the wizard gives you the "Create Default iFolder" screen instead of the "Download Default iFolder" screen. If you ignore that and proceed a NEW iFolder is created instead of your existing default iFolder downloading to the selected path .\iFolderName.

Will update this with what NTS come back with...