Since I haven't gotten any takers in the ngw list, I'll try here...
So I've upgraded my primary domain and secondary domain to GW 8 with no problems. I upgraded the gwia that's attached to my secondary domain and it looks like imap logins are failing. pop3 logins are working fine.

Here's an excerpt from the log file:

13:34:11 255 Accepted IMAP4 connection with: xx.xx.xx.xx
13:34:11 255 Client - 1 LOGIN username *********
13:34:13 255 Server - 1 NO LOGIN GroupWise login failed
13:34:13 255 Client - 2 LOGOUT
13:34:13 255 IMAP4 session ended: xx.xx.xx.xx

I've disabled imap and re-enabled it but no luck. It was working fine before the upgrade.

Any ideas?