I am just busy trialling if 3.6 in a test tree and the more I read on this
group the more I wonder if it is worth going to 3.x (from 2.1.8)

One of the big drives is document sharing amongst our GM's, but we also
require encryption for them as well as all the rest of our users for
security purposes.

I can understand that you cannot share encrypted directories.

It seems though that if you have encryption enabled for your own ifolders,
you 'cannot' have or share any other (non-encrypted ) ifolders. Is this

So, the options are to either have unencrypted ifolders and also share some
of them or everything is encrypted and no sharing at all?

Can somebody please explain if I have this correct or am I wrong as it will
be a huge waste of time to continue testing if this in fact the case.

Thanks - Mark