Hi folks,

Only a couple of weeks before GW8 was released i started building a
SLES10/heartbeat/OCFS2/Xen cluster to run GroupWise (among other
things). I had a few teething issues that i've sorted out now, and i've
got a basic GW 7.0.3 system up & running in some Xen VMs.

Given that GW8 has been released i'm wondering whether i'd be better
starting fresh with it instead of using GW 7.0.3. There are no users
depending on this system now, so there is plenty of opportunity to do
this now. Any thoughts? Should i jump to GW8 now, or wait for 8.0.1?

If i'm going to start again with GW8, since i've got a tree and the GW
objects in it already, would i be better trashing that tree and starting
again, or is it easy to clean out the GW7 objects & schema in favour of
their GW8 versions?