Some bugs found yesterday after upgrading my firt GW8.

I had installed the multi-language GW8. My MTA & POA Agent are into a Suse 10SP2 Server.
During the migration like usually on a by version change 5 to 6 to 7 and now 7 to 8, the little files *.dc for MTA and POA are NOT install, migrate or what ever. So the databases are not migrate to vesion 8. For this one like usual copy the *.dc files on your GW MTA & POA structures and everything come to normal.

A another bug found is with the multi language Windows client. You can install it juste fine with the language selection you made English, french.... And if you choose to start during the installation in french, you can launch your client in french and everythings seems to be correct and launch. But if you decide to change into your options the language to English and restart your groupwise client, you have a beautifull error saying that your views are not install correctly and you need to see with your administrator and GW client not start. To go back to your language by defaut so for me in french just lauch GW with the /l-language for me FR. And you can work with you GW8 Client.

My Next step is downloading the english_win client only and try to copy the views delivery with it.