We are moving to GroupWise 8 from a completely different email system. We will be using windows servers for our implementation and a MS SQL backend. We have in place Netware 6.5 SP7 with eDirectory 8.8 SP3 for our user source. Being a newbie to GroupWise what would you suggest for RAM, HDD space, processor power, and total number of servers to run GroupWise. We are looking to use all of the components including mobile server, chat, all of the other good stuff, except for teaming and conference. We will have 800 or so users on the new system and would like them to have at least 50 MB of email space per user. Im not sure If I need separate servers for each piece of GroupWise i.e (mobile server, calendar, whatever else) or just have one beefy machine to hold all of the pieces. Also if separate servers are called for what might each different server do as its GroupWise job? Sorry for the stupid questions. Thanks in advance!