I seem to have come across some issues with the .0 release.

One is that I don't get a consistent "quote" when I am
replying to an email. Sometimes it takes the first line, or
two, or 3, or sometimes the entire reply (what I want). How
can I provide more information to assist in the
troubleshooting process.

www.ssit.co.nz/reply1.jpg is a picture of the message I
replied to. I have tried numerous times, and once the grey
surrounding picked just the first line, the other times it
was either the entire previous message or a differing number
of lines!

www.ssit.co.nz/reply2.jpg are my reply settings/

Also I have had a few crashes related to what I think is
autosave and larger html messages. Basically the client
becomes unstable hanging for 20 seconds then recovering,
then I can type some more of the reply and again with the
hanging, and then crash as below:

"Faulting application grpwise.exe, version,
faulting module gwwww1.dll, version, fault
address 0x000f3026."

Any Assistance with this issue would be appreciated, Esp the
Reply format.