GW 8 ML client install, Windows XP.

Setup goes OK, except slower than slow.

When launching client, connect and login seem to go fine, then tells me views not installed correctly, contact system admin. Unfortunately him don't know. Me neither.

Uninstalled and reinstalled, removed keys and anything left in c:\novell\groupwise Oh! surprise! And c:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise, too.

Tried connecting to another GW8 PO. Slightly different, tells me new s/w is available but cannot access it. Fine, it's a linux PO and I must have set an SDD. But it still complains about the views being installed incorrectly.

In neither case exits the client shortly there after.

several resinstalls, various levels of cleaning, same result. 7.0.3 client had worked fine.

joe a.